Ms. Jetta's Babies

Today, Mommy and I got to go see Ms. Jetta's two new babies, Cora and Peter. I loved seeing the babies! Cora was happy the whole time, except for her diaper change, and Peter snoozed through our whole visit. Mommy got to hold them a lot, and I mostly admired them.

Here they are sleeping in their little cradle. I kept saying, "That baby has tiny little hiccups!" and "That tiny little baby has tiny little toes!" and more, similar get the idea.

When Mommy holds a baby (or two) in her lap, I like to snuggle in and be a part of the action.

Here are Cora and Peter, the tiny little babies. Peter is really bigger, but Cora looks bigger because she's up on Mommy's lap. They are both smaller than I was when I was born, so it took Mommy some practice to hold them just right. Thanks for a great visit, new little babies!

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