Being a Lefty

Mommy and Daddy have known for quite awhile that I have a strong preference for my left hand. Since my mom used to teach school and is still a teacher at heart, she's been wondering how this will affect me when I start learning to write, cut, and do other school things. She Googled "left handed child" and found all sorts of interesting things including a blog for left-handed children and their parents and teachers. It may just be a list of books and products, but it's still interesting. We've added it to the very bottom of my list of links, below my wish list.

The most interesting thing that Mommy learned in her quick skimming of these websites is that when she's trying to teach me how to do things, like tying my shoes (someday,) that she should sit across from me and be a mirror image of me instead of trying to do it with her left hand. Somehow Mommy and Daddy prefer their right hands. I may have to get Grandpa, who is also left handed, to help me out with some things!

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