A Note from Mommy

Before the move, Jeff really enjoyed his weekly opportunity to play Ultimate Frisbee. And after we moved, he really missed it! Several weeks ago, he decided to go ahead and try to gather a group of people to play on Sunday evenings. He spread the word at church and work. We hoped there would be enough people to play. We were thrilled when 12 people showed up!

This picture is of this week's Ultimate Frisbee game at the park a short walk from our house. There have been 16 people there for the past couple of Sundays, and not always the same people, either. Word is spreading, and there are a lot of guys (and a few gals!) who have been wanting to do something like this.

I think of that first Ultimate Frisbee game as somewhat of a breakthrough for Jeff in finding community here, and I'm very thankful. If you'd like to come join this mismatched group of people for a fun game, or join Jonathan and me on the playground, just let us know! Everyone would be glad to have you!

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