My New Sandbox!

Before I tell you about my new sandbox, here's a picture of a grown-up ladybug with all its spots on. It's a "snuggly little ladybug!"

Today, Grandpa and Daddy converted the area under my playhouse into a sandbox. Message to all my little buddies: come play in my sandbox with me! There's room for everyone! (We saw Ella and Delia and Ms. Jen at Target today and invited them, but you're ALL invited!)

Here's Daddy nailing one of the benches into place.

And here I am scooping my first bit of sand.

Grandpa and I tried out the new bench. It works well!

Here you can see what it looks like with the lattice lid on. That keeps it covered when I'm not playing. Thanks to Grandpa and Daddy for my new sandbox!

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