Day in the Mountains

As you might remember, this is Daddy's busy season at work. That means that he's working a few evenings each week and at least a little bit on each Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday was the first Saturday in awhile that Daddy only had to go into work for less than an hour, so we decided to spend some family time together yesterday. We did what might be our favorite thing to do as a family: we went hiking!

We went high enough that Mommy and Daddy were breathing a little hard and lots of flowers were blooming.

Here are some of the pretty flowers we saw.

This was supposed to be a nice picture of Mommy and me, but I just wanted to eat my lunch.

Here I am hiking with Daddy.

Our family!

Here I am driving a motorcycle and watching lots of motorcycles drive by.

Thanks to the nice man who let me drive his motorcycle!

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