Ophthalmologist #2

Here I am with Grandpa showing off the new trick I learned from him. He came over on Sunday night to watch Cars with me. Can you believe he hadn't seen it yet? He loved it as much as I do!

Since this picture opens up the topic of glasses, I'll tell you about my visit to the ophthalmologist today.

My first time at the eye doctor, he had a nice waiting room and nice toys, but when I got scared of the eye drops, he yelled at me, and when I couldn't sit perfectly still to look into his machine, he yelled a little more. Today, we went to a new doctor. Mommy called his office last week and shared with him how we had an awful experience the first time and didn't want to repeat it. So, this new doctor had a not-as-nice waiting room and not-as-nice toys, but he was pretty nice, and so was his nurse. As soon as I got into his exam room and saw all the different bottles of eye drops, I told Mommy that I was all done with the medicine! But, I was pretty brave when it was time for scary eye drops, and I only cried a little. And, nobody yelled at me. So, I think we'll stick with this doctor. Oh, and I got to see lots of little kids in the waiting room who also had glasses. That was pretty neat!

There was lots of good news from this doctor. He said that a lot of kids who have one eye stronger than the other will have amblyopia, but I don't-my eyes are working very well as a team. And, he gave me a prescription for glasses that are a little bit different than the ones I already have, but he says I don't need to use it unless I break these glasses. (Mommy and Daddy are happy to not have to buy new ones again!) And, the best news of all is that I don't have to go back again for a whole year, when I'm three and a half.

All in all, we finally had a pretty good eye doctor experience.

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