Grandpa and I have been shooting some hoops today, thanks to the people who used to live in our house and not only left me the playhouse, but also the basketball hoop!

I can dunk it!

I've also been enjoying visiting the ladybugs. The ladybugs are very happy on our squash because of all the aphids. I've been learning a lot about a the life cycle of ladybugs.

Here is a special surprise we found along with the ladybugs: a praying mantis. We're glad to watch all these helpful bugs in Daddy's garden!


The Growing VM Family said...

Hi Jonathan,

My mom was watering the other night and came running in to get me to show me something... we had a praying mantis in our marigolds! I like to remind my mom of this cool bug every time we pray now! I'm glad you have one too.

Love, Ella

Jamey, Jack, and Norah said...

My Grandma and Grandpa are at my house, too!!! And...I'm getting spoiled! It's such fun. In fact, right now I'm at the store picking out a bike with pedals!

I hope--well, actually, I know--you're having fun with your grandparents!

Love, Jamey

PS: My Mommy said to tell your mommy that she'll be in touch after the grandparents have returned to their respective homes.