Prom Dates?

This morning, we went to Ms. Jetta's house. I got to play with her four older daughters, and Mommy got to chat with Ms. Jetta and help burp and change Cora and Peter, the new babies. I had a great time playing, having snacks, and watching the babies.

When it was time to leave, I was holding the flowers that the girls had picked for me, and Anneliese and I were giving goodbye hugs. Anneliese wanted her picture with me, and guess who had a camera handy? Mommy, of course. We took our pictures together, and the mommies thought we were so cute. Ms. Jetta said that they'd show these pictures to our prom dates someday.

Anneliese is three, and I'm two. How much older do we have to be before we go to the prom?

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The Growing VM Family said...

So cute!

I miss you too.

Love, Ella