Ella...and Tricky Words

Tonight, we did something really fun.  We went out for burgers with Ella and her family.  We ate yummy food, goofed around, and stayed up past our bedtime.  Ms. Jen is so smart that she always brings a special little backpack to restaurants so that Ella has fun things to play with.  Maybe my mom will do that someday.  I hear that I get to see Ella again this coming week, and I'm very happy about that!

After we got home and I got into bed, Daddy and I did "tricky words," which is something I like to do with him every night.  I pull out the dictionary and ask Daddy to bond with me and do tricky words.  We choose a letter, and Daddy reads me tricky words that start with that letter, and I say them back to him.  It's one of my favorite things to do, but only at bedtime and only with Daddy.  Thank goodness for the dictionary so that we have lots of tricky words to say!

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