I spent some time being an artist today.  When Mommy and Daddy asked what I was painting, I said, "One of the days of the week when you were born.  You're doing the sky first."  Then I had Mommy paint the three of us in:  Mommy, Daddy, and Baby Jonathan.  We were all very happy because I had been born.

I think my mom would like me to enjoy crafts as much as Ella does, but it's really hard for me to get my fingers messy.  One at a time is about all I can take.  Perhaps I can convince her that we should try crafts that don't involve touching anything.

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The Growing VM Family said...

Hey! I just got done finger painting! Your mom is lucky that you don't like to get dirty. Today I was more interested in rubbing the paints all over my hands and arms like lotion than creating things on the paper. When I made a movement to my face and hair she yelled, "NO!!" and we were done finger painting.

Love, Ella

PS Like your paint smock.