In My Room

You may not have seen my room lately, so I thought I'd show you some pictures.

Here I am parking my Tiny Little Racecars on the road rug Grandma and Grandpa Don gave me for Christmas.  You can see lots of things in the background that were made for me or given to me by very special people.

The perfect place for my cars that usually sleep in my John Deere boxes.

Here's the opposite corner of my room that now has a shelf.  The shelf is mostly empty and used to live in the playroom.  The playroom has real shelves in it from Ikea now, but Mommy hated to get rid of this useful shelf.  The shelf has baskets on it that she decorated with little ribbons that look like streets.  Mommy has been getting a little too excited about gluing ribbon to things lately, but I'll post on that another day.

For now, you can see my baskets (that Mommy got on clearance at Target, where else!) and my great John Deere boxes.  Our special friends, Lou and Lionel, keep me supplied with great tractor things.  My tractor boxes live in this special spot.  Thanks so much, Lou and Lionel!

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