What to do when Daddy leaves town

This week, Daddy was out of town on business. He left before 4 Monday morning, which is before I woke up. We really missed him! We tried to do lots of fun things while he was gone, but we still wished he was here. The best thing we did while Daddy was gone was have dinner and playtime with Ella.  I had so much fun with her!  And, I think the mommies enjoyed talking, too.

Here we are reading books together.

And here we are reading with Mommy.

I decided to be a princess, just like Ella.

The "princess sandals" were not comfortable at all.  I took them off right away.

As I like to say, "You're a princess, and you're a nice child."

I'm sure you saw in my video with Ella that I was not a princess the whole time.  But, maybe my short time as a princess will remind Daddy that he needs to spend extra time doing tackles and tummy bonks and other guy things with me.  The great news is that Daddy got to leave his business trip early-he surprised us and came home last night during small group.  We're so excited to have Daddy home!

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The Growing VM Family said...

You do make a lovely princess, Jonathan. Come back soon to dress us and play "Ring! Ring!" with me.

Love, Ella