35 Week Update (from Mommy)

Jonathan and I went to see the midwife today, and Jeff "just happened" to be able to come, too.  We enjoyed having him along!  All of the usual was fine-blood pressure, weight, etc.  She also said I'm measuring a bit large and hopes that I go into labor a bit early and that the baby doesn't grow too big.  (Which is funny because she also wondered whether I'm eating enough.  No worries there, I'm eating a lot!)  When she listened to the baby's heartbeat, she was not happy with how it sounded because it was a bit slow.  So, I went to a different room to be put on the monitor-a new experience for me-while Jeff and Jonathan went to the waiting room.  They couldn't go to the monitoring room because there was another pregnant mommy in there already.

Having to be monitored made Jeff and I a bit nervous.  (A local friend tells me that this was the "non-stress test.")  It took longer than we expected, and Jeff was in the waiting room with Jonathan and without any updates, so it may have been harder for him than it was for me.  The monitoring room had two cushy recliners with a big monitoring machine in between.  The other gal who was being monitored was friendly and nice to chat with while I waited.  The medical assistant and midwife had quite a bit of trouble getting a good reading on the baby's heart rate.  Once they finally did, I was supposed to sit and relax while the machine did its thing.  I was also supposed to push a button each time I felt the baby move.  When it was all said and done, the midwife thought the baby's heart rate looked OK after all, and she was happy with its movement and the amount of amniotic fluid.  Now I'm supposed to spend time each day checking the baby's movement.  Everything seems to be OK, though, and we are very thankful.  I'm especially thankful that Jeff was there-both for the emotional support and because he kept Jonathan occupied while I was on the monitor.

After this, I go in every week!  Can you believe it?  We're so thankful we have another baby on the way!

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The VM Family said...

Our doctor predicted Ella to be a GIRL based on her slow heartbeat. Hmmmm... :)