More About This Morning

We've been a little short on pictures lately, so thank goodness for Ms. Jen who took a picture this morning!  Here, Ella and I are playing our sleepover game, but Ella is telling her mom not to take any more pictures so that we can sleep.

I should also tell you that, after being a gecko since November, I've decided that I am Lily the dog.  (Lily is Ella and Delia's dog.)  I have been barking all day.  Mommy informed me that I must not bark in the store and I needed to be named Jonathan in the store.  But other than that short break, I've been Lily, the good dog who protects our house.  It's really fun being a dog!

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The VM Family said...

Hi Jonathan,

Here are some more tricks you can do as Lily the dog:

1. Beg for a treat after shaking someone's hand or lying down.

2. Run around with a ball in your mouth and hope someone will throw it for you to catch. (Big sad eyes will help accomplish this.)

3. Snuggle real close to anyone or anything giving off heat-- steal blankets if you must.

4. Give your family big sloppy kisses.

5. Turn on musical toys with your nose to let people know you are hungry and need food. (We like this trick!)

Have fun being Lily and come back soon for more "research"! :)