So Tiny (from Mommy)

Before Jonathan was born, my friend Michele gave me some advice.  She told me that normally, you'd want to stay off of companies' mailing lists, but that it was a good idea to get on the baby companies' mailing lists so they'd send you free goodies.  I took her advice, and it paid off!  I got all kinds of free stuff for Jonathan.

I've tried to do the same thing for this baby, but the companies are being much less generous with their freebies right now.  Yesterday, though, I received my first free diaper for this baby.  I received this newborn-sized diaper in the mail (along with some great coupons.)  Can you believe how small it is?

So, here's a question in my mind.  When this baby comes into the world, will it be small enough for newborn diapers?  Will it go directly into size 1 at the hospital like Jonathan did?  Will it lose weight and shrink into smaller diapers like he did?  (Hopefully not.)  We're praying that the baby will just make it into the world safely, no matter what size it is!

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Ava said...

It's amazing how teensy tiny they are! Jane just graduated into size! Hope you are feeling great...not too much longer to go! Hope to chat soon!!