We don't have any pictures, but I thought I could tell you about our day.  I've been playing Legos as much as possible, of course.  This morning, Mommy and Daddy and I met a new friend, Ms. Amber.  Ms. Amber took some family pictures of us downtown in a town near us.  She's going to give them all to us on a CD so that we can frame some and maybe blog some, too.  Mommy and Daddy took family pictures about a month before I was born, so they thought they'd do the same thing with this baby.  Of course, the pictures will be more fun this time since you can actually see me!  I had fun making friends with Ms. Amber and being goofy when I forgot to be reserved.

This afternoon, Mommy and I are resting.  Mommy is pretty tired lately.  Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa are outside doing spring cleaning in the yard.  They mowed the lawn and trimmed back the begonias so that you can see the new leaves growing, and they made room for new blossoms.  (Yes, begonias live for years and years around here...)  They're also planting some violas especially for Mommy as well as some other pretty flowers.  It's still cool, but spring is in the air here.  Our flowering pear tree in the front yard is full of buds, and some of the almond farmers already have bee hives in their orchards.  The bees must be getting excited to do their big job as soon as the almonds start blooming!

We love almond blossom time.  It's a beautiful time of year.  It has some sadness in it, because that's when Great Grandpa went to be with Jesus.  But we are hoping to have some new happiness in it, too, because it is the season for our new baby to be born.

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