Valentine's Day, Part 3

(Mommy and Daddy celebrated Valentine's Day last night, which I'll tell about later.)
This morning, Mommy surprised me with my own celebration!  After I got out of bed to play with my treehouse and share some roars with the dinosaurs, I got to go on a treasure hunt!  Ms. Alicia from Moms Time Out had set up clues and treats for all the mommies to use with their kids, and boy, was I glad.  I kept telling Mommy, "This is a fun, fun, treasure hunt!"  Here are some of the places I found treasures when I followed the clues:

The freezer.  (Yes, it's still a little empty.  Mommy's working on that.)

The bathtub.

The playroom.

The TV.

The phone.

After our fun treasure hunt, Mommy showed me this placemat she made for me that tells me how special I am.  I sure loved having Mommy read it to me.  

Mommy was most excited about the AIMS math activities that Ms. Alicia shared with us to use with my heart candies.  (Mommy used to use AIMS activities when she taught school.)  We also have a special heart-shaped pancake maker to use soon.  As I mentioned, though, Mommy is pacing herself these days, so maybe we'll have heart pancakes and do candy math tomorrow.  Thanks to Ms. Alicia for helping my mom!


Ava said...

Looks like a super special day! We are so excited for you to become a big brother! We love you all!

The VM Family said...

What a special Valentine's Day you had! We'll have to steal that treasure hunt idea. Your mom may be pacing herself, but she sure is creative!