Mommy's 36-Week Appointment

Today was a great day for an appointment because I got to go play with Ella and Delia while Mommy saw the midwife.  I had a great time with Ella.  We played trains and pretend sleepover and play-dough.  Ella likes to do different things than I do sometimes, and I am learning that it can be really fun!  Mommy thinks it's great when Ella helps me do things I don't normally choose to do (like play-dough.)  I could have spent my whole day playing at Ella's house and I would have been perfectly happy, but Mommy did come back before too long.  Thanks so much, Ms. Jen, for hosting me!

Mommy's appointment went really well.  According to the midwife, the baby is very happy, so that made Mommy even happier.  The heartbeat sounds good, and Mommy is healthy.  And all the kicks and flips Mommy is feeling are really good signs, too.  We are thankful that God is answering our prayers and keeping our baby safe.  Oh, and there don't seem to be any indications of the baby coming very soon, so we hope everyone can be patient while our baby takes its time to grow bigger and get ready to come see us.  Thank you for being excited with us!

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