Time with Great Grandma

On Tuesday morning, we went to Great Grandma's house.  It had been too long since our last visit, and we wanted to squeeze in at least one more visit before our baby comes.  We had a great visit with Great Grandma.  She had some toys for me to play with that I hadn't seen before, and she always has interesting things for me to look at.  She and Mommy spent a lot of time looking at old pictures.  Pictures are some of Mommy's favorite things.

Great Grandma always has treasures to share with me, especially books.  Here we are reading one of them.  I really love reading with her.  Her orange tree is bursting with oranges right now, so we took some of them home, too.

After our fun time at her house, we went to lunch with Great Grandma.  Uncle Todd met us there, too.  (We didn't go to Denny's to order Grand Slams, though.  I think we would have done that if Great Grandma had known about it before we left.)  It was fun to spend that time all together.

Yesterday, we went to the airport and picked up my faraway grandma and grandpa.  They are here visiting and looking at places to live.  Right now we're playing Legos, of course.  We hope you are enjoying your day, too!

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