Christmas and Baby Ira

Merry Christmas, everyone! There is so much going on that I'm just going to tell you some things and not share any pictures today. First, I want you to know that today is the day that we tell Jesus "Happy Birthday!" So, Happy Birthday, Jesus! Then, we all open gifts. It's kind of funny to open gifts when it's not my birthday, but I don't mind. I have some new toys to play with that I just LOVE, and I'll show you pictures of them soon. Lots of people love me, and that makes me so happy! Also, Mommy and Daddy are letting me stay in my jammies all day and eat special food like waffles and hash browns. I can really get into Christmas if it's like this each year!

Second, and even more importantly, I need to tell you that baby Ira is in the hospital again. He stopped breathing last night, just for a tiny bit of time, and he's sick, too. You can click on his name over to the right and see his daddy's blog to find out how he's doing. So, baby Ira and his mommy and daddy and sister are spending their Christmas hoping and praying that he gets better. I hope that you'll pray that he gets better soon, too-I bet his family would love that gift for Jesus' birthday!

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