Lights and Trees

Yesterday morning I got up, and there was a surprise in the living room. There's a tree in there! It's tall and has little colored lights all over it. Here I am checking it out for the very first time. After I got up from one of my naps yesterday, there were some ornaments on the tree! (I'm beginning to notice a trend: all the good stuff happens while I sleep.) My plan is to touch all the branches, lights, and ornaments one by one.

It must be a special time of year, because there are trees showing up in other places, too-like Wal-Mart! Usually when Mommy and I go shopping, we look at the little fish swimming around. I really like that. But now, we get to go look at the trees and touch their branches, too. Mommy says the trees are for Christmas. I know I had my first Christmas already, but it was a long, long time ago. I am excited to see what Christmas is like this year!

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