Guess what! It's snowing today! Mommy took me out the front door, and there were lots of little white things flying around in the air. (How do they do that???) Mommy says it's called snow. She says there's not enough to take pictures yet. She also says that 14 degrees is too cold for pictures. (You can see on Jamey's blog that his mom took him out for pictures. I wish my mom would do that! But if Mommy took me out, she might make me into a burrito like Jamey...that may not be so great after all.)

Another piece of news I have to share is that I figured out how to get Mommy's attention really fast. The way to do it is to chew on the piano bench. It makes a wonderful noise when my teeth scrape against it, but I guess Mommy isn't as into the sound as I am. I'll try it again the next time I need her quickly!

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