Mommy took this picture of boxes, and I have to explain why. It makes her a little sad, but it makes Daddy and me proud. These are all the clothes I just grew out of. Mommy kept me in this stuff as long as she could, but it's just too short to fit me now! She gets sad that her baby boy is growing into a big boy. But Daddy and I think it's great. I'm growing big and strong and I'm learing to do new things every day. Today I learned how to hold my own sippy cup and take a drink. So don't be sad, Mommy! Growing is a happy thing!

Here I am playing with my chair. It laughs and talks and sings to me! I actually don't know what the blue part is for, but I like the book and the clock and the lamp. This is how Mommy distracts me when I go try to empty the bookshelf. It's a pretty fun diversion, don't you think?


Jamey and Norah said...

We packed up my clothes yesterday! I guess we're both growing. Tell your Mommy that my Mommy understands about the sad stuff!

Love, Jamey

Graham said...

Cool toy, Jonny Man! My mommy says she misses you and your mommy, too. We hope you guys have a great Christmas in California. We're leaving today for TX. I think it's great that you are becoming a little boy now. My mommy gets a little sad about that kind of thing, too.