How I Know Ira

Some of Mommy and Daddy's friends have been wondering how we know baby Ira. Since he is in the hospital and we've been thinking about him so much, I thought I'd tell you. The truth is, we've never met him. My mommy and daddy think that they can love any baby, though, and understand a tiny bit about what his parents go through, since they have me. I guess they must be right. Anyway, the way we know about Ira is that Emma Claire's mommy and daddy know Ira's grandma and grandpa.

Please, please pray for baby Ira. He's really sick. The doctors and nurses are not sure how to help him. They're making him sleep and sleep on purpose so that he'll rest and feel better. It doesn't sound fun at all. Please get well soon, Ira!

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Cathy said...

I posted about Ira today as well.
Praying for him with all our hearts.