Jumping is not so fun!

Something happened two days ago that Mommy doesn't want anyone to know about, but I'll tell you. It all started when Mommy didn't buckle me into my booster seat-she just put me in and snapped my tray on. She always, always, always buckles me in, so I was very surprised. After my meal, she took my tray off to rinse it in the sink, and I guess she forgot that I wasn't buckled. That was my chance! I decided to jump out of my chair. Freedom!

Well, freedom wasn't so great, because instead of jumping, I fell on my tummy and face flat on the kitchen floor. I cried, and Mommy cried, and it was really a sad time. Mommy doesn't speak baby, so she didn't know that my head got thumped until later that day when I had a bump on my forehead.

Yesterday when I got up in the mornning, Mommy was really worried because my eyelid was swollen. I had a little bruise on my forehead, but she was upset about the eye. She called the doctor about it to make sure I was OK. (She didn't want to go to the doctor because going there makes us sick!) She also had a nurse friend of hers look at me. I really didn't see what all the fuss was about. Everyone said I was fine and not to worry.

Well, today when I woke up, I had a new look. Mommy calls it a black eye, but I don't know why she calls it that because it's not black, it's purple. She says she feels terrible about me having my black eye. Daddy says, "At least a girl didn't give it to him!" (Why did he say that? Is that something that girls do? I need to ask my big buddy, Sam, about this.)

Anyway, here's my purple, I mean black, eye. I hope it lasts all week, because a week from today is my birthday, and that would be a great day to show it to everybody. I'll keep you posted!

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