My Birthday Pictures

Here they are, at last! Thank you so much to everybody who made it such a big day for me.
Are all of you singing to me?

I will touch it, but you can't make me taste it. This is not what I imagined when you told me about cake!

Mommy and daddy helped me to open cards...

And gifts...

And more gifts! Wow! (And something tells me that this one is not cereal.)

I got some great new toys, like this ball. My buddy, Sam, is going to show me how to kick it.

And, this rattly thing. Emma Claire is going to show me how to get the rattles through the holes.

I left my cake and ice cream untasted and went to take a nap after all the party excitement. Thanks, everybody, for loving me and remembering my birthday!

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Graham said...

Jonny Man,
Looks like you had a great party, dude! Wish I could have been there. Why didn't you eat your cake? I can't wait to taste cake!!! Mommy says she thinks I have a sweet tooth like her. I love fruit but don't care that much for veggies.
Glad you are one. I know you've had a great year. Mommy says your mommy and daddy have taken very good care of you.