14-Month Surprise

Here I am, driving my little trike. If you wonder about the look on my face, it's what I have to do to make the "Bbbbb" sound for driving. If you wonder about my new jumpsuit, that story is a little longer...

Yesterday, Mommy and I went with Emma Claire and her mommy to a consignment sale. That's where you buy stuff that other kids already wore and played with. Mommy bought me a great navy blue jumpsuit with a dog on it, size 18 mos. I love it! But today, after she washed it and put it on me, it was too short to stay snapped. (Mommy says, "You have a long torso." OK, Mommy.) So, she took me out of that and put me in this jumpsuit, size 24 mos. Mommy thought this outfit would be for next winter. I don't think I'm going to be this size next winter, do you? I think I'm doing a good job of keeping Mommy and Daddy guessing.

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