Adventures with Grandparents

Grandma and Grandpa are here visiting me, and we are having a great time together! There's so much to tell you about, so I'll get started now and tell you about the beginning of our visit.

I'm showing Grandpa and Grandma how I can walk with the toy they gave me for my birthday. As you can see, I'm very fast!

I am smiling a lot for Grandma, because she loves to take my picture.

Grandpa made this train engine that has lots of cars just for me! He also made me a little table and stool that are all mine. He knows just what to do for a little guy. The amazing thing is that I'm allowed to drive the train on my table. Usually someone says, "No, we only drive on the floor." But not this time!

Here we are having some time just for boys: Grandpa, Daddy, and me.

We all went to get my hair cut. This picture shows just how I felt about it.

Grandma and Mommy and I went to pick out my first pair of big boy shoes that I'll use when I walk on my own. Here is Mommy's friend, Miss Pat, and she's measuring my foot. She says I should wear a 6 or 6 1/2. I'm so big! She also says I have narrow feet. Mommy says I come by that honestlly. Is that good, or bad?

I tried on two different pairs of shoes: some gray ones and some black ones with yellow boingy things. Grandma and Mommy let me choose my favorite.

Here is Miss Pat feeling my toes to make sure that they have room to grow. I guess I'm going to get even bigger! Which shoes should I choose?

These are the shoes I chose-the gray ones. Mommy thought I'd choose the yellow boingy ones, but I have to keep Mommy guessing. Thanks so much, Grandma, for my new shoes!

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Graham said...

I love your new shoes, Jonny Man! I can't wait to go shoe shopping, too. Mommy says I don't need them yet but I will soon enough.