Sad and Happy

Today was a sad day for Mommy, but I think it means happy days ahead for me. I have been trying to tell Mommy for awhile that I only need one nap now, not two. She finally figured it out! The problem is that she thinks I need to nap in the afternoon, and I'd rather do it in the morning. So, today she kept me awake until after lunch, and I let her know how I felt about it!

I didn't like waiting that long for my nap, but I did like the things we did this morning to keep me out of bed. We took a big walk with my friends, Ava, Jamey, and Spike, and also their mommies. When we were out, we saw some dogs, some trucks, and even a big, loud, train. We had a really great time.

So, Mommy, I know you're sad that I'm dropping a nap, but I'm pretty happy because it means we will have more time for adventures! Yipee!

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Graham said...

Playing all morning sounds like lots of fun!! I can't wait until I go down to just one nap a day. I don't know what my mommy will do then because she takes her shower while I take my morning nap. Oh, oh! My mommy might start to get pretty stinky!