The News of a Lifetime

You probably guessed from the title what I'm about to tell you next. I started walking today! My record for the day was thirteen steps in a row! Mommy and Daddy can hardly believe it, since I had only taken two steps in a row before today. I'll try to pose for a walking picture soon so that you can see me. I think the hardest thing about walking is remembering that I can do it. Sometimes in the middle of my steps, I start to squat down to crawl because that's what I normally do in the middle of the floor. But then I remember-I don't have to crawl! So, I stand back up and keep walking. Yahoo, there's no turning back now!

In other news that's not so exciting, I added a couple of words to my vocabulary today. One was "more," a very important word that I say pretty clearly, and the other one was "ta," which means "pasta," of course. You might notice that most of my words are so similar-"dah" for "dog," "tuh" for "truck," and "ta" for "pasta." You might also wonder how Mommy and Daddy know what I'm saying. Well, the answer is that I have very smart parents. They are finally learning to speak Baby!

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