Background on Ira

This post is from my mommy-she wants to tell you some things about Ira. The next one will be from me! -Jonathan

Lots of you have been asking about Ira, how old he is, how we know him, etc. He was born April 21, 2005, and we don't know him, but he is on our hearts. Ira's grandparents have been important in the lives of our good friends, Jay and Caroline (Emma Claire's parents.) If you want to know more about Ira's story, you can click here to read the December 2004 posts when Ira's parents found out about the problems he would have-right around Jonathan's birthday. Click here to read about what went on around the time of Ira's birth last April. And, if you want to help him, you can also send a donation and pray, pray, pray. I can only imagine what his parents are going through.

OK, the next post will be from Jonathan and be much more fun! -Jonathan's mommy

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