I can walk anywhere I want!

Yup, anywhere I want.

Sticking my tummy out helps me to balance better. Mommy thinks it's cute, too.

When I fall down, I can stand myself up again.

Daddy still likes to play with me even though I'm a toddler now and not a baby. I'm so glad!


Emma Claire said...

Yeah Jonathan!! You're such a big boy now. You're going to have to show Emma Claire a few of your moves.
The Sawyers

Graham said...

Congrats, Jonathan, on learning how to walk. IT looks like so much fun!!! My mommy is very proud of you, and I am too.


Beej said...

Dear Jonathan:

Whewhewwwww!!! My dad and I just finished looking at the pictures of you walking. That's a lot of steps.

Samuel, Kate, Anna and Beej

Ava said...

Hip Hip Hooray!
Woo- Hoo!
Go! Go! Go!
Love, Ava