New Word, New Obsession

TRUCKS. That's what my life is all about right now. You saw the big one that Uncle Todd picked out for me for Christmas, and I also got one before that for my birthday. I could watch trucks all day long. In fact, I just might!

Yesterday, I was eating lunch at Quizno's with Mommy and Daddy. Emma Claire was there, too, but I pretty much ingnored her because I could see trucks out the window and had to watch them go by. (Sorry, Emma Claire!) While we were eating, I said, "TRUCK!" Mommy and Daddy were very surprised, because, as you know, they don't speak baby. I have been saying it a lot ever since. (Daddy says that Graham's daddy would be proud because he loves trucks, too.) I especially like to talk about the trucks I see while we are driving in the car.

Last night, Daddy completed my collection of trucks by bringing home five tiny ones for me. He and Mommy stay pretty close by when I play with them, because these trucks are for big boys who are at least three. Don't worry, I won't eat them-I just want to drive them! Thanks, Daddy!

Here I am with one of the new trucks.

I love to drive my trucks. This is the sound they make when they drive: "Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb." I have to make it for them since they're toys, not the real thing.

Here I am driving my truck from my friends, Victoria, Christine, and Nathan.

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Graham said...

Jonny Man,
My dad is excited you like trucks so much. HE hopes I will like them, too.