All By Myself

I'm pretty amazing...just look at this, and you'll believe me. In the past two days, I have learned to climb up into two chairs all by myself: the chair in the living room and the glider in my room. I'm so big! The chair in the living room is a little easier, and I can even get out of it myself. But the glider is more challenging, and I can't get out of it without hurting myself. This makes everyone sad, especially me! Now, I'm working on the couch, but it's a little too tall for me to do anything except get my knee up to the cushion. Oh, it makes me so mad! I really want to be a big guy on the couch. But, until then, you can watch me climbing on other chairs!

Look at me, I did it all by myself!


This is the life. Now I can lounge around just like grownups. But, it's only fun for a few seconds at a time, and then I want to go climb down and climb up again.


Now I am a big guy!

I'm laughing so hard! Mommy said something so funny, I can't stand it! She said the funniest word I've ever heard: "Hubba hubba hubba!" Can you believe that she said that?

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