So Much to Say!

There is so much to say right now that I don't even have time to show you the pictures. I'll try to show some to you soon, but for now I'll just tell you what's going on.

Yesterday, I got to go to Emma Claire's birthday party. I had a great time playing in her backyard. She was really smart-she didn't want to get that yucky cake frosting all over her fingers. I don't know why moms and dads try to get us all sticky on our first birthdays! At least, that's what I thought until Mommy and Daddy let me taste cake on a fork. Ohhhh, I looooove cake! Why do they cover it with frosting and make us try to use our fingers? Just feed me cake with a fork, and I'll be happy forever. Thanks for having a birthday so I could taste cake for the first time, Emma Claire!

I've discovered that Daddy's truck lives in the garage. Whenever the door from our kitchen to our garage opens, I really, really want to go out there to see his truck, and I let everyone around me know it until somebody takes me. If Daddy drives away in his truck and I don't get to watch, it makes me really upset.

I've also come up with a way to make my life much easier. I was trying to say lots of new words, and my language was getting really confusing, so I've narrowed it down to just a few, multi-purpose words that express pretty much everything:

Dih! -any object that I really like, most often trucks and construction equipment, but also fans, lights, bread, cheese, and anything else I think is interesting
Dee-dah -anything else that can't be described by "dih!" and needs two syllables, including Daddy
Bbbbbbbbbb... -the motor sound for anything that has wheels
Gollygollygolly -all-purpose, playtime word
Hubba -another all-purpose, playtime word
Mama -I can't lose that word, can I?

I don't know why grownups need so many words. These words do the trick for me!

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Jamey and Norah said...


You are so smart to narrow down your vocabulary to just a few words. What a time saver!

Yes, Mommy and I will be walking on Tuesday. (We were busy with the snow on Thursday; that's why we weren't there.) I'll bring my teeth so I can show them to you.

Love, Jamey