Walking Practice

Yesterday, I had an adventure. I got to practice walking outside where the trucks drive! I had a great time walking up and down the driveway. I had my eye on a couple of trucks across the street, but anytime I got close to the end of our driveway to take a better look, Mommy turned me around. She says that we don't go out in the street. I wonder why not? Maybe when I get big, she'll let me.

Do you like my sandals? Uncle Todd wore sandals just like these when he was a little boy.

Gotta get that truck!



I can do this!


Bo & Shae said...

There is just something so sweet about a little butt! What cute pics. Jonathan is getting so big. We hope to visit again at some point. We really enjoyed seeing you both before Jonathan arrived...now that has been too long. Keep in touch and we'll call when we pass thru next! Love ya, Shae

Graham said...

You are looking great doing the walking thing!!! Congrats! Mommy and I are really jealous that it was warm enough at your house to wear sandals and a short sleeved shirt. I don't have any sandals, but I'll have to tell me mom to get some for me. I can't wait until it's sandal weather here.

By the way, my mommy said she really liked talking to your mommy on the phone last night. I think it was while we were sleeping. All kinds of things happen while we are asleep, huh?