Stroller Love

The weather has been pretty lately, so we're happier than ever that I have a jogging stroller. Thanks to Daddy's work for giving it to me!

I have lots of pictures to show you today, so you'll enjoy this if you like lots of pictures. The first ones were taken yesterday on our way to visit my great grandma.

Looks like it's working!

I think I could drive this myself if I could learn how to unlock the brakes.

Time to roam!

Yup, we locked the front door.

Oh, NO! I fell down in the grass, and I HATE touching the grass with my hands! Maybe I can reach the driveway to stand up...

Yes, I can reach it!

Whew, that was a close one.

Time to stroll!

Our nice neighbor, Miss Julie, came and took my picture with Mommy. We're about to go on a walk to visit Great Grandma.

I love to swing! My buddy, Delaney, came down to the park to play with me today, and you can see her mom's truck in the background. I see that truck every morning during breakfast when I look out the window.

Here I am swinging with Delaney. She is six months older than me, so she can do lots of great things, like slide down the slide on her tummy and use words that everyone understands. I'm going to watch and learn!

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Graham said...

Walking looks like so much fun. I can't wait to do that. Mommy thinks I might learn in the next month or so. I love to get around and I'm crawling now on my hands and knees.
We want some of that warm weather, too. We had a few days of it, but now it's cold again. Mommy still takes me on stroller rides, but I have to get all bundled up.
I love your new haircut. It looks great! Look on my blog for the pictures of my haircutting experience.