More Visiting

Grandma went back to her house, and I miss her already, but I thought you'd like to see some more pictures of us playing together. Here they are!

Good morning, Grandma! Did you know that my seventh tooth just came in?

More kitchen floor playtime. This time it's not the hat game, but the tower game.

I am good at knocking down Grandma's towers. When I whisper, "Taaaa!" it means "Pow!"

We all went hiking together on Saturday. Everyone thought this would be a great spot for a family photo.

I thought it would be more fun to pull the yellow parts of these flowers off of the green parts. Wouldn't you agree? Daddy says, "He's all boy!"

Here I am hiking with Daddy. Wearing this bracelet is like taking baby Ira with us since he can't go hiking right now. There is some good news about him today, though-I hope you'll read his blog!

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