My New Truck

Today, I went to my first garage sale. That's where you look at stuff in somebody's garage instead of going to a store. (Our garage is full of great stuff to look at. Are we going to have a garage sale?)

At the garage sale, Mommy bought me a new truck. You can see me in it in the next two pictures. It is so much fun, I can hardly stand it! Mommy rides on top of her truck and pushes it with her feet, and I ride back here in my truck behind her. I love my new truck! There's even room for another little buddy to ride here with me if I scoot to one side. The directions say that kids have to be at least be one year old to ride here, and that narrows down my options for riding buddies. Sam? Caleb? Delaney? Elise? Emma Claire is almost one, so maybe she'll take a ride with me after her birthday. I'm sure everyone will like my new truck.

The only problem is that Mommy does not know what to call it. She says that her part is a bike and my part is a bike trailer. Whatever, Mommy. It has wheels and it goes fast, so I know it's a truck. Call it what you want-just take me for a ride!

Is this great, or what?!

Let's go now!


Graham said...

I love your new truck! That looks like so much fun. Maybe my mommy and daddy will get one so I can ride behind their two-seater bike.

Emma Claire said...

What a great find, Amy! Jonathan, I hope you let Emma Claire have a ride with you!
Caroline and EC