Fifteen Months

I'm fifteen months old today! So, we had to go to the doctor and get all my parts looked at. I know I'm growing bigger, but I guess everyone needs to keep checking, just to make sure. Here are all my new measurements: I'm 33 3/4" tall, I weigh 25 lbs., 10.5 oz., and my head is 19 1/2" around. If the measurements have been right each time, I've grown 1 3/4" in the past three months. I'm very tall, a little above average for weight, and my head is big. (I don't see anything funny about my head being big, do you?) The nurse was very impressed with my height and my head, and Mommy thinks she's finally succeeding in chunking me up a little bit. The doctor thinks I'm still pretty long and lean. All in all, everyone was happy! I don't have to go back again for three more months. I'll let you know what happens then!

"Teee!" That's my name for the camera.

Another big event today was that Mommy gave me trees for lunch. Oh, how I love trees! Will I love them tomorrow? We'll have to wait and see, but today, I love trees!

There are so many great things about trees besides their yumminess. One of my favorite things about trees is putting each tree in my overalls before eating it. This has to be done before each bite. Another great thing about trees is that I can say their name, because that word sounds exactly like the word "three." But, my very favorite thing about trees is throwing them on the floor one by one. This is not Mommy's favorite thing about trees. In fact, she told me that throwing them on the floor means that they're all gone. Next time, I'l make sure I'm very full before I start throwing my trees!

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