Camping Adventures

This weekend was full of new experiences for me. First of all, Mommy went on a retreat with a bunch of other ladies but without Daddy and me. (Why anyone would want to retreat from us, I'll never understand!) While she did that, Daddy and I went camping together with Caleb's Daddy and Daddy's friend, Tony. We had a great time!

Since it was my first time camping, Mommy didn't think I'd understand that a tent is for sleeping. (Mommy underestimates me sometimes.) But, I did understand, and I did a great job sleeping in the tent. I loved opening my eyes to see that Daddy was sleeping right next to me. What a treat!

I don't know what Mommy did while we were gone, but we went to pick her up after our camping trip. Then, all three of us went to a place with little cabins in the woods. We spent the night there and also got to do some hiking. I just love riding on Daddy's back in the backpack. I got to see some really neat things: butterflies, a snail, a squirrel, and lots and lots of fish swimming in the water. I also learned that I like pickles even more than I like grilled cheese sandwiches.

The strange thing about this weekend is the lack of pictures. You know that my mom and dad are crazy about pictures. The only pictures they took were of me touching a really big tire on a trailer, but that doesn't really go with my story, so I'm not going to put it here. You can just imagine how cute I was having a great time outside!

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Emma Claire said...

You're going to have to teach me to sleep in a tent, Jonathan! Maybe it's time my daddy took me camping too.
Emma Claire