Shopping All Morning!

Today, Caleb and I had an adventure. We went consignment shopping with our moms, and it took all morning long. Even though little boys don't like shopping very much, Caleb and I didn't complain. We did a really good job. Just ask the mommies!

Here are pictures of us eating our lunch together. Mommy drives a car that won't fit our regular strollers in the trunk, so we brought these little ones without trays. That meant that we all sat down together for lunch, which was more fun than eating from a tray! I did such a good job sharing with Caleb. I gave him some goldfish, and some grapes, and even some cheese. Now maybe Mommy won't make me take sharing lessons!

Caleb has a mouth just like I do.

I was much more concerned with keeping my mouth full of grapes and cheese than I was about smiling for a picture!

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Emma Claire said...

You boys sure do look big in this picture. Jonathan, you look like you're up so something:)