A New Little Buddy

On Thursday, my new little buddy, Gabriel Aidan, was born. He is the little brother of some of my bigger friends, Victoria, Christine, and Nathan. (Maybe if I ask my mom and dad, they'll give me some older brothers and sisters just like Gabriel's.) Gabriel was 7 lbs, 4 oz., 19" long. Yesterday, Mommy and I went to see him and his mommy. He was born in the same hospital where I was born! At least, that's what I hear-but I don't remember.

Welcome to the world, Gabriel! We're so glad you're here!

Here I am checking out my new little buddy. I didn't even cry when mommy held him! I wanted to pat his face, but Mommy didn't let me. I am doing better with not being so jealous of Mommy's arms.

Here is Gabriel with his Mommy. He is so cute!

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