Today was such an exciting day! There were plenty of good things that happened, like getting one more molar for a total of ten teeth, but that was not important compared to the GREAT thing that happened today. Here it is: Daddy and Mommy took me to a tractor show! We saw lots and lots of BIG tractors all in one place, and I even got to drive some of them. I could hardly believe it! My mom and dad have been really paying attention to what I like. We all had so much fun, but it seemed like Mommy and Daddy were having fun watching me instead of having fun looking at the tractors. I didn't really understand that!

I can't even describe how wonderful the tractors were, so here are the pictures. I wish you could have been there with me!


Maximus said...


WOW! All those tractors are awesome! Someday when I'm older you can show me how to ride those really tall tractors, too!

You look like you had a very fun day!


Graham said...

Those tractors look like so much fun!!! I don't know if they have any tractor shows up here in Michigan, but maybe I can see some in TN. Want to come to Nashville and go to one with me?