Molar Mystery

When did my first molar come in? I'm not telling! But it's there now...

I tried to tell Mommy and Daddy for days that I had a tooth coming in. I complained. I stuck my fingers in my mouth at every meal and tried to tell them...but it sure is hard to talk with my fingers in my mouth. Even then, they said, "Yes, you have food in your mouth," or, "Don't put your fingers in there, that's yucky." One time, Mommy mentioned to Daddy that I might be teething. And do you know what he said? "You mean, he's growing new teeth?" And she felt my gums in front because I have three teeth on the bottom, and Mommy and Daddy thought my next tooth would come in there. (They think that symmetry is really important.)

Arrrghhh, they just didn't understand. I thought I was getting through to them, but let's face it, they still don't speak baby.

Today, Mommy was checking out my gums to see when the molars might come in, and I already had one! She finally discovered it, and I have one more that will pop through at any moment. She was so surprised!

Even though this was a frustrating time for me, one good thing came out of it: I escaped having my new molar get brushed. Oh, how I hate having my teeth brushed, and if one tooth escaped that yucky chore for awhile, a little frustration is worth it.

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Ava said...

Hi Jonathan,
I hope we can walk sometime soon.
I miss you.
Love, Ava