Garage Sales and Grandmas

You might remember my first experience with a garage sale when I got my big truck. Well, today I'm having a different garage sale experience. All that great stuff that was collecting in our garage was there so that Mommy and Daddy could sell it today and tomorrow.

The strange thing is, I'm not invited. Today, I got to go play with my tall friend, Rochelle, and tomorrow, my grandma is going to have adventures with me. (Did you know that there are two people named Grandma?) I'm not sure why I'm not invited to my own garage sale. Ava and Jamey are having one this weekend, too, and I think they get to be invited. Why not me? I think it has something to do with how big I am. Ava and Jamey can't run...yet.

I guess I'll just be glad to get to play with Rochelle and Grandma. And, I'll be watching Jamey's blog to see what he thinks about being invited.

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Jamey and Norah said...

Perhaps the invitation does have something to do with the walking. I overheard Mommy say something about next year being different. I think "different" was in reference to me!

Have fun with your grandma! Grandmas are fun! One of mine is coming for a visit in May.

See you soon, buddy! Maybe on Tuesday...or maybe on Monday if I get there before it's bedtime!

Love, Jamey