Photos from Grandma's Visit

Grandma took this picture of me, and Mommy and Daddy think it makes me look really old-maybe even three or four. What do you think?

This is my dad. Dad, you know that a little guy just wants to run around...will ya let me go run?

We do this a lot. I bring my truck book to Mommy so that she'll read it to me, and I crawl into her lap to look at all the beautiful trucks.

Here I am with Mommy and Daddy on the way to church. I would rather be running in the grass than posing for this picture.

Here we are visiting my great-grandma. I would rather be looking at the wheels on her chair than posing for this picture!

While Grandma was here, I had a playmate in the backseat of the car. See this truck I'm holding? Grandpa asked Grandma to get it for me, and a new tractor, too!

These are my ears.

Grandma always lets me look at her sparkly things.



Emma Claire said...

That top picture is such a great one! He does look a lot older. He looks so cute in these pictures!

Anonymous said...

Jonathan - you do look older in the top picture, but I'm hoping you will have more teeth by the time you are 2 or 3. Can't wait for my turn to come and play!! See ya soon!
--Your other grandma. :-)