Visiting Zachariah

Right now, my daddy is about to go to a faraway football game with Zachariah's daddy, so last night, the mommies and the kids got together to play! (One of these days, we'll convince our dads to let the kids come along to do some "guy things.") Zachariah is almost three, so he has lots of big-boy toys and shares them with me, too! He even let me eat off of his tractor plate at dinnertime. What could be better?

Here we are getting ready for mommy and me to go home. You can see that I'm in my PJs. I got to stay up past my bedtime! The last time we visited, I got to stay up late, too. That was when I met Meredith for the first time.

Here we are, post-conk. We had a goodbye hug, too, but we were too fast for the camera. Thank you for sharing with me, Zachariah!

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