Almost, But Not Quite

My big boy room is almost ready for some "after" pictures, but not yet. Mommy is done making the pink ceiling "Irish Cream" like the rest of the house and making the pink walls green. Here are some sneak peeks of my green room. I've been sleeping in there for a couple of days, but just in my crib, not in a big boy bed yet.

Here are the airplanes that Caleb gave me for my birthday. I like to wake up and talk about their sizes and colors. And, Caleb, you'll be happy to know that I can say your name now! When I moved, I said "Cay-bub," and now I say "Cay-yub."

Here is my fan. Mommy gave me a special surprise by putting airplanes on the blades. They fly around and around!

And, here are my ladybugs in my new room, down where I can see them and look at lots of my little buddies. They were in my old room, too, and I've missed seeing them! There are a few buddies who are missing (like you, Cay-yub,) but Mommy is working on that. I love to see pictures of my buddies.

When Mommy and Daddy are done hanging things on my walls, I'll show you more pictures. Mommy is also working on the other pink room, and has make its pink ceiling Irish Cream, too. Maybe someday we'll have the ballerina teddy bears off of the walls and have "after" pictures of it, too.

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Caleb said...

I am so happy that you get to see your airplanes everyday. That makes me very happy. I love sleeping with Boz every night.

Love, Caleb