My little buddy, Jamey, came to visit today. He's my first little buddy visitor since we've moved. Special thanks to Mr. James and Ms. Karyn for bringing him to see me! And now I'm wondering...which little buddy will visit me next? Thanks for coming to play today, Jamey!

Here we are standing at my back door wishing we could go play. It's too wet and muddy out there, so we're just letting in the fresh air and wishing...

Here are Jamey and I with my yellow chair...who's going to get on the chair first?

Here we are listening to Jamey's daddy singing the Teapot Song, one of my favorites. Emma Claire's mommy is so good at singing to get kids to smile and look at the camera. Here, Jamey's mommy is making sure I don't run away, and we're smiling, but not at Jamey's daddy. Maybe you could visit, Emma Claire, so that we could get a better picture?

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